Olaf III Eiríksson af Sverige*
Estrid af Obotrites*

Ingegerd Olofsdotter*



1. Yaroslav Vladimirovich*

Ingegerd Olofsdotter*

  • Født: 1001, Sigtuna Stockholms län, Sverige
  • Ægteskab (1): Yaroslav Vladimirovich* cirka 1019 i Uppsala, Sverige
  • Død: 10 Feb. 1050, Vyshhorod, Ukraine i en alder af 49 år
  • Begravet: Sct Sophie Katedral Kiev Ukraine


Jeg stopper her

King Olof & his wife had two children:

1. INGIGERD Olafsdottir ([1000/03]-10 Feb 1050). Snorre names "the king's daughter Ingegerd" when recording that she was used as intermediary to effect a reconciliation between her father and Olav Haraldson King of Norway, and that her marriage to the Norwegian king was proposed[45]. Adam of Bremen names "filius Iacobus et filia Ingrad" as the children of "Olaph rex Sueonum" and his wife Estred, specifying that Ingrad married "rex sanctus Gerzlef de Ruzzia"[46]. Morkinskinna names "Queen Ingigerdr the daughter of King Óláfr the Swede" as wife of "King Yaroslav [of] Russia"[47]. Her birth date range is estimated based from the birth of her oldest child in 1020, and her youngest known child in [1036]. Snorre records the betrothal of "Ingegerd the king's daughter" and "King Jarisleif…from Russia"[48]. The Historia Norwegie records the marriage of "sororem Olaui Sueonensis…Margaretam" and "rex Iarezlafus de Ruscia" at her brother's instigation, after her betrothal to Olav of Norway was terminated[49]. It is more probable that she was the daughter rather than sister of King Olof if it is correct that she had ten children by her husband. She is referred to as IRINA in Russian sources[50]. The Primary Chronicle records the death of "the Princess wife of Yaroslav" 10 Feb [1048/50][51]. m (1019) as his second wife, IAROSLAV I Vladimirovich Grand Prince of Kiev, son of VLADIMIR Grand Prince of Kiev & his first wife Rognoda of Polotsk ([978]-20 Feb 1054).

  Begivenheder i hendes liv:

1. Beskæftigelse.
princess and a Russian Queen (Grand Princess of
Kiev), Swedish princess and a Grand Princess of
Kiev, a Swedish princess and a Grand Princess of
Kiev, A Swedish Princess & Grand Princess of Kiev,
Tsarina av Russland, Drottning i Kiev, Swedish

2. Bopæl, 1001, Sigtuna Stockholms län, Sverige.

3. Bopæl, 1050, Vyshhorod, Ukraine.

4. Begravelse, 1050, Sct Sophie Katedral Kiev Ukraine.

Ingegerd blev gift med Yaroslav Vladimirovich*, søn af Ukendt og Rogneda of Polotsk Rogvolodovna Ragnvaldsdottir*, cirka 1019 i Uppsala, Sverige. (Yaroslav Vladimirovich* blev født i 978 i Kiev Ukraine, døde den 20 Feb. 1054 i Vyshhorod, Ukraine og blev begravet i Sct Sophie Katedral Kiev Ukraine.)

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