Constantine IX Monomachos*
Zoe Porphyrogenita*

Anastasia Irene Maria Monomahinya*



1. Vsevolod I Yaroslavich*

Anastasia Irene Maria Monomahinya*

  • Født: 1035, Konstantinopel Istanbul, Tyrkiet
  • Ægteskab (1): Vsevolod I Yaroslavich*
  • Død: Nov. 1067, Kiev Ukraine i en alder af 32 år


Prinsesse av Byzants, Datter af kejser.

The chronicle calls Vsevolod's wife "Greek queen", "Monomachina", "Greek" [4], but does not name her name and does not present data on her background. Neither she nor her marriage are mentioned in any Byzantine sources. Undoubtedly, she belonged to the family of the Monomakhs, since she was able to confer this name to her son, and also because it was the representative of this family who ruled the empire in the year of her marriage [5].

It is not clear who was her parents were. It is pointed out that the emperor Constantine IX Monomachos (c1000-1055) was her relative, perhaps the father, since he did not have a big family. Constantine was the only representative of the Monomakh family on the Byzantine throne, and received the throne due to his third marriage, in 1042, with the already elderly Empress Zoya, whose marriage remained childless. Before that he was married twice - the name of his first wife is unknown (also childless), the second was Elena Sklirena, the granddaughter of General Varda Sklira, the niece of Emperor Roman III Argyre (the previous husband of Princess Zoe). After Helena Sklicena's death, the Emperor Constantine took her cousin Maria Sliceren (died 1044) as mistress and placed her in the imperial palace in parallel [6] with her marriage to Zoya. Also known to his mistress is the "Alanian" princess - perhaps Irina, the daughter of the Bagratid prince Dmitry (died 1042, son of George I). It is believed that the Russian bride was either a legal daughter from Elena Sklicena's wife, or an illegitimate daughter from Maria Skliren; However, there are no references to the birth of Constantine. The origins of Feofano, her contemporary and the wife of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, are also mysterious - it was formerly believed that she was the daughter of the emperor, but now she assumes that she also belonged to the Sklic family.

Pantherios Skleros

  Begivenheder i hendes liv:

1. Bopæl, 1035, Konstantinopel Istanbul, Tyrkiet.

2. Bopæl, 1067, Kiev Ukraine.

Anastasia blev gift med Vsevolod I Yaroslavich*, søn af Yaroslav Vladimirovich* og Ingegerd Olofsdotter*. (Vsevolod I Yaroslavich* blev født cirka 1030 i Pereyaslavl, Kiev, Ukraine og døde den 13 Apr. 1093 i Vyshhorod, Ukraine.)

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