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Boleslaw III Krzywousty Piast*
Salome von Berg-Schelklingen*
Mieszko III Stary Piast*
Elisabeth af Ungarn*

Odon Mieszkowic*



1. Vysheslava Galitska*

Odon Mieszkowic*

  • Født: 1141, Gdansk Województwo pomorskie, Polen,
  • Ægteskab (1): Vysheslava Galitska* i 1184-1187
  • Død: 20 Apr. 1194, Gdansk Województwo pomorskie, Polen, i en alder af 53 år


His name appears for the first time as a signatory in a document isssued on 21 May 1161 at Leczyca, were took place the first Polish Sejm.

In 1177 Odon joined the revolt of the Lesser Polish nobility against his father; the main reason of his collaboration to the rebels was the favoritism showed by Mieszko III to the offspring of his second marriage and the attempts of the High Duke to force him to became a priest, in order to eliminate him from the succession. Also Odon apparently hoped to enlarge his domains, perhaps even so far as to obtain the Duchy of Greater Poland by force. His uncle Casimir II the Just, offered him only Poznan. Odon pursued the war against his father until 1178, when Mieszko III was forced to abdicate and flee.

In 1181 Miesko III returned to the country and with the aid of the Pomeranians, regained the control over Greater Poland and Poznan from his son Odon. One year later, was made an agreement between father and son: Odon received a little portion of Greater Poland south of the river Obra (however, some historians believed that he remained in the Greater Poland capital until his own death). After Odon's younger brother Mieszko the Younger died on 2 August 1193, Odon obtained the Duchy of Kalisz, with the consent of his father.

Little is known about Odon's government over Kalisz. However, he founded a mint, and coins have been found bearing the inscription "Odon Dux" ("Duke Odon"), suggesting a high degree of autonomy.

Odon died on 20 August 1194 and was buried in the Cathedral of Poznan.

[edit] Marriage and issue

About 1184[1] Odon married with Viacheslava (d. aft. 1200), daughter of Yaroslav Vladimirovich "Osmomysl", Prince of Halych.[2][3][4][5] They had four children:

1. Wladyslaw Odonic (b. ca. 1190 - d. 5 June 1239).

2. Ryksa (b. ca. 1191 - d. 18 November aft. 1238).

3. Euphrosyne (b. ca. 1192/94 - d. 23 August 1235), married ca. 1225 to with Duke Swantopolk II of Pomerania.[6]

Since Odon's son Wladyslaw was too young to reign, Odon bestowed the regency of his duchy in the south of Greater Poland upon his half-brother Wladyslaw III Spindleshanks, while Miesko III reclaimed the Duchy of Kalisz.

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  Begivenheder i hans liv:

1. Beskæftigelse: Fyrste af Poznan og Kalisch.

2. Bopæl: Gdansk Województwo pomorskie, Polen.

Odon blev gift med Vysheslava Galitska*, datter af Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl Galitski* og Olga Yuryevna af Kiev*, i 1184-1187. (Vysheslava Galitska* blev født i 1168 i Polen og døde i 1201 i Polen.)

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