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1. Ukendt

David Gering*

  • Født: 1375, Schleiz Tyskland, , Thuringia, Tyskland
  • Ægteskab (1): Ukendt i 1410
  • Død: 1420, Schleiz Tyskland, , Thuringia, Tyskland i en alder af 45 år

   Et andet navn for David var Den rige møller.


David Gering liv

David Gering der Reiche was called the Rich Miller. He had a manor and two mills and was married around 1410 but his wife's name is not known. Probably he was born at the beautiful manor which he inherited after his father's death together with Greifenmühle (also called Angermühle) in Neukirchen near Crimmitschau. Like his forefathers he was a tax collector. With money he probably earned from selling land, he built a mill on his manor in Schleiz in 1425-26. It was built in stone, contrary to custom, which was to build in timber framework. His mill was called Davidsmühle and he gained the name "Möller" (miller) or "Der Reiche Möller" (the rich miller).

The ruins of Davidsmühle were found in Schleiz on the site of 21 Gerbergasse in 1935.

note: Greifenmühle (Griffin Mill) is depicted in the Mylius family coat of arms; a griffin above a wheel that represents the mill.

This is what the Mylius Family History book says about the family prior to David Gering der Reiche: The Gering family has its roots in a family of civil servants that lived in Würzburg in the 11th century. Around 1225 a certain Gering became the feudal lord of a manor in Schleiz that since belonged to the family. The father of David "the Wealthy" Möller split it and bought the "Greifenmühle" (Griffin Mill) in Crimmitschau. Normally, 7 or 8 generations have then passed. The connection between our first generation, David Gering "The Wealthy One" and the Gering mentioned in 1225 can not be proved by any written source but both the name gering and the possession of the manor indicate some sort of connection. From David Gering onwards there are written sources of relations

  Begivenheder i hans liv:

1. Bopæl, 1375, Schleiz Tyskland, , Thuringia, Tyskland.

David blev gift med person, hvis navn pt. er ukendt i 1410.

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